Straight from Rome, here you are with the most successful italian group in the last years.
They play in huge and crowded venues all over the world, astonishing people with their jazz-core (as they used to call it): a wall of sound that obliterates your thoughts and make your ears bleed.
I've also grown really attached to them because their 2005 show in Genova was my first encounter with italian independent music and with DisorderDrama, the concert-organizing collective that as become my spiritual home through the years.
Enough with the chit-chat, it's time for a (live) video:

And here you go with Igneo (probably their best studio work till now), Radiale (a lovely album done with the free-jazz myth Kend Vandermark and his Spaceways Inc.) and Carboniferous (their late album, where they deploy their music in a more noise-oriented way).

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  1. would you be able to re-up Igneo? Thanks for the other two - I will be buying them when I can :)


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