Giardini di Mirò

This time we're moving again to Reggio Emilia's surroundings, where one of the most famous groups of the italian independent scene resides since the late '90s.
Giardini di Mirò [Mirò's Gardens] started off as a post-rock group, following the trend of sacred monsters like Mogwai and Godspeed You! Black Emperor, but slowly drifted its sound towards a more classic rock songwriting.
Their Dividing Opinions is a perfect mixture of those two tendencies, and has been remarked, since its first appearance in 2007, as one of Italian underground's masterpieces.
Here you go with the title track official video:

And here you have their first three albums.
If you're not post-rock fans I would suggest to download the before mentioned Dividing Opinions, where if you like the genre Rise And Fall Of Academic Drifting and Punk...Not Diet! will be a really good addition to your music collection.
Later on I will post Il Fuoco another post-rock album, intended as the sonorization of the 1915 homonymous film.

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