Italian (Classic) Music For Dummies - Fabrizio De Andrè

Again a voiceless podcast of Italian music classics.
Fabrizio De Andrè from Genova, the featured artist, has been one the most influential and beloved songwriters Italy has ever had.
Always on the side of outcasts, he gave them a voice and told all of us their stories.
Here I present a short selection of five of his most known songs (four in Italian and one in Genovese dialect).


Fine Before You Came

My favourite group.
Full stop.
They're from Milan and their emo-core teared my heart apart since they released Sfortuna nearly a couple of years ago.
Fine Before You Came lives are by far the most intense concerts I've ever been to, with everybody screaming their lungs out while singing the saddest songs you could imagine. When you're there it feels like you're taking all the shit inside you and screaming it out. The fact that you're doing it along with another hundred people makes it cathartic and at the end of the concert you'll feel both empty (of the shit) and full (of a feeling I can't name).
They're enourmous.

Here's their discography so far, with Sfortuna being my favourite one.
Every other album is, for your pleasure, in English.


Bob Corn #3

Lovely lovely video coming from a festival of just a couple of weeks ago. Enjoy.


I Treni All'Alba

What would happen if you decided to play some sort of post-rock with acoustic guitars? I Treni All'Alba decided to try to answer this silly question for all us and the results are excellent!
A folk and post-rock lover like me cannot but love this group from Torino, but I can hardly think of somebody that would not like them after a superb live like the one I saw just a couple of days ago.
Check them out!

And here you go with their two released albums:



What the fuck is vodoom?
Simply a new musical genre created by Luca Mai, the saxophonist of beloved Zu, with the help of a fellow Roman drummer, who will forgive me for not knowing his name.
As vodoom states, they mix doom and vodoo, creating a unique music style, which excited since the first time I saw them live (without having an idea of what they would do).
Here's a superhigh quality video from Musica Nelle Valli, a lovely festival organized every year by Bob Corn in his countryside.

And here's the fresh first album:


Casa Del Mirto

Sometimes it just happens like that.
You open up a link and you find you yourself deeply immersed in the imaginary world created by images and music of a common Youtube clip.

In a few seconds (may the Flying Spaghetti Monster bless internet) you've discovered that Casa Del Mirto is just one guy from Trento and that he's been around for the past ten years!
The time to trace down his Myspace and you have three EPs and a full album on your mp3 player, 'cause the guy is cool enough to give away is music for free. And they're all amazing. And they're all really different one from another. Like four beautiful heterozygous twins.
(my favourite? 1979!)



Who likes dubstep? I don't.
Then Aucan abandoned their math-rock and went dubstepping, without losing a rockish attitude.
And here we are with one of the best italian albums (if not the best) of this new decade. Album that provided the Brescia native band a wide international recognition, pushing them to tour all over Europe.
Here's the usual video:

And there you go with their three works.
The self titled Aucan where they were still playing their instrumental rock, DNA EP where they start moving toward their new accomplished sound, which finds its peak (till now) with the amazing Black Rainbow.

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