Fine Before You Came

My favourite group.
Full stop.
They're from Milan and their emo-core teared my heart apart since they released Sfortuna nearly a couple of years ago.
Fine Before You Came lives are by far the most intense concerts I've ever been to, with everybody screaming their lungs out while singing the saddest songs you could imagine. When you're there it feels like you're taking all the shit inside you and screaming it out. The fact that you're doing it along with another hundred people makes it cathartic and at the end of the concert you'll feel both empty (of the shit) and full (of a feeling I can't name).
They're enourmous.

Here's their discography so far, with Sfortuna being my favourite one.
Every other album is, for your pleasure, in English.


  1. What about other friend's groups having concerts in Czech republic?:)

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