Without doubt the most influential italian indipendent pop group, Perturbazione started their carreer in the early '90s as an high-school band.
After a long long carreer in Torino's undeground scene they exploded nationwide in 2002 with the beautiful In Circolo, which is still one of the best (if not THE best) pop album that our country has given birth to.
Their melancholic lyrics are known by heart by every real italian indie-rocker, and their concerts are always a wonderful experience, with a constant exchange between the public and the artists (most notably with Perturbazione's singer, Tommaso Cerasuoli).
Here's a video from 2007 Pianissimo Fortissimo, showing their growth as a group and their lovely attitude towards fans:

And here you go with In Circolo (their best know album) and Enlarge Your English (an album that was sold with a book teaching English for children, and is therefore all sang in English). I choose not to overload you with their discography of Italian-sang albums, because I'm not sure if Perturbazione's song can be appreciated without an understanding of the lyrics. If you want more, just ask.

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