Port Royal

It's time for Port Royal, another group from my Genova who, through their humongous quality, as become well known all around Europe, where they actually play more then they do in Italy.
They started off playing ambient/post-rock music, characterized by the melancholy of a Genovese autumn sky.
In the last three years they've revised their (winning) formula, putting a little more electronic in it, while confirming the dreamy atmospheres of their music.
Atmospheres that become even more impressive during their live shows, with the magnificent videos (love their blue lights, please) by the Berlin based video-artist Sieva Diamantakos.
If they happen to play somewhere near you (and they surely will) they're undoubtedly worth a trip.

Here you with the video for Balding Generation (Losing Hair As We Lose Hope), great song from their 2009 album.

Down here you will find four of their albums, starting with the immature (but still lovable) Kraken EP, dating 2002. I purposely left out three EPs and a remix album (but i can upload them later if requested).

If you want a suggestion, i would start with Afraid To Dance, probably their best album till now.

Here you have a few links to their site, Myspace and Youtube account.

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